Send and get money from your friends

Your friends will always have your back

Imagine a situation that you urgently need money. Who are you going to ask? Your friends! But with the current market options, the odds are that you wont have the money istantly. as you would need it

PocketMoney solves this problem. You ask your friends for money and in a matter of seconds you have it available to use it how you want it. And you dont need to write it down, PocketMoney will keep track of it so you easily know who you need to payback


Use it everywhere

Its so simple, anyone can use it

With PocketMoney you can scan and pay bills just like you would with your EC Card, via a SEPA transaction. It doesnt get simpler than that.


And the best of it...

Keep your phone on your pocket

That's right. PocketMoney has a companion app for the Apple Watch so you dont even need to get your phone out of your pocket in most of the situations!